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Top Reasons to Advertise WITH US!

Lowest Rates

Our advertising rates are 50-70% less than those of any other direct mail publication. It costs as little as $50 to get into 10,000 homes within just a few miles of your business location! Click here to requst a rate card!

Focus on Food and Fun

The best way to increase the value of a print ad is to choose a publication that people will engage with long-term. People value food and entertainment coupons, and because that’s our focus, we get longer-term exposure for all of our advertisers!

Very Local Audience

The further away people live from your business, the less likely they’ll be your customers. If you’re going to pay to advertise, don’t waste your money targeting people that won’t frequent your business. Clip ’N Win only targets people in small geographic areas that are most likely to be your customers!

BONUS for Restaurants

We print a few thousand copies of a 2nd publication that is 100% restaurant/entertainment coupons that we distribute to high traffic locations around town, such as grocery stores, youth activity centers, etc. All restaurants and entertainment advertisers in our magazine are included on this 2nd publication at no additional cost!

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What Are the Facebook Giveaways All About?

Getting into 10,000 mailboxes for just ONE PENNY PER HOUSEHOLD is pretty amazing, but now add exposure to a massive social media following, and it’s even better! We do daily giveaways to our social network to get people connected with us. It creates constant exposure for our advertisers.

All of our giveaways are either gift cards that we purchase from our advertisers, or cash-type prizes that we give away on behalf of our advertisers. No other direct mail marketing company does more to increase business for it’s advertisers!

Am I Required to Commit to Multiple Issues?

No. We believe that if you’re not happy with the results you get from advertising with us, you should be able to stop at any point.

Can I Get a Discount if I Commit to Multiple Issues?

Yes, however, our purpose is to be a low-cost advertising program for local businesses. There’s not as much profit built into our magazines (compared to other coupon mailers), so we can’t offer steep discounts for committing to multiple issues. Even our single issue rates will be cheaper than the competition!