Advertiser Terms and Conditions

Advertiser Terms and Conditions

Unless specified otherwise in writing or on the digital invoice that is paid online, advertiser is only agreeing to advertise in one issue of the Clip ‘N Win magazine, and no future charges will be made to advertiser.

Specific terms in regards to distribution, location, ad size, and amount due are detailed on the invoice provided to advertiser, and must be paid in accordance with those terms. Additional terms are provided below:

Advertiser agrees that Clip ’N Win’s liability shall not exceed an amount equal to the total amount of consideration actually paid by the Advertiser and that Clip ‘N Win shall not be liable for the delays in delivery and/or non-delivery in the event of an Act of God or any condition beyond Clip ‘N Win’s control affecting delivery in any manner. Advertiser agrees to fulfill the complete contract, unless agreed upon by all parties in writing. With this agreement you are signing for the corporation and are personally guaranteeing it.

The advertiser further understands that the number of advertisers in each mailing is not limited, and the representation of similar businesses in any given area may occur. Advertiser acknowledges that Clip ‘N Win cannot guarantee advertising results and that no promises of guaranteed results have been made. It is also understood that results, or lack of results, will in no way affect Advertisers liability to Clip ‘N Win.

Advertiser warrants by submission of all materials that he/she/they/it are legal owners of Copyright in all photographs, artwork, and textural material submitted for publication in Clip ’N Win. If advertiser does not provide copy for their ad, Clip ‘N Win reserves the right to create and publish that ad at its own discretion.

Full payment is required within 3 business days of the execution of this agreement. All overdue balances will be subject to interest of 1.5% per month. In the event Clip ‘N Win is forced to place this agreement into the hands of an attorney for collection, Advertiser agrees to pay all costs of collection including, but not limited to, attorneys fees or collection agents fees.

If Advertiser pays the fee with a credit card, a 3% transaction fee may be added to the rate. There is no additional fee if Advertiser pays by check.

INDEMNITY: Advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Clip ’N Win and all parties connected with ad sales and production of the publication, from and against all liability or loss (including liability for attorney’s fees and costs) and against all claims or actions, based on or arising out of advertisements displayed in the published magazine, on, or on any other online site for Clip ’N Win.

Advertiser agrees that jurisdiction and venue for any legal action arising out of this Agreement will be in Utah County, Utah, and that this Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Utah. Clip ‘N Win reserves right, if your purchase price is entered incorrectly, to contact you for the adjustment needed within 24 business hours.

Advertiser agrees to allow Clip ‘N Win to use advertiser’s logo on print and online marketing materials to promote the Clip ‘N Win magazines and concept. This includes the use of advertiser’s logo on the Clip ‘N Win website.