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As a business network, we go above and beyond to support the great restaurants in our network. Why? Because the more restaurants that advertise with us, the more valuable our advertising becomes!

We invite all participating businesses to support the restaurants that help us get the most exposure to the 20,000 local families that receive our magazines! We’ve provided a few simple tips below on how to support our restaurant network, which will encourage even more amazing restaurants to join us and help grow your business!

4 Simple Ways to Support Participating Restaurants

(and in turn help grow your business)

Cater from In-Network Restaurants. How many times per month do you order in or cater a work-sponsored meeting or event? Why not order in or cater from any of the many great restaurants in our network? Can you imagine how many restaurant owners would join us if they knew you supported them because they’re in the network!

Frequent Their Businesses with Your Friends and Family. Whether you’re treating your family to dinner or getting together with a group of friends, why not support any of the amazing restaurants that are part of our network. Remember, helping them is ultimately helping yourself!

Connect and Engage with Participating Restaurants on Social Media. Let them know you support them by simply clicking the follow button! From time to time, like some of their posts, share their content, or tag them on FB or Instagram. It really doesn’t get any easier than this!

Write a FIVE STAR Review on Google. When you have an amazing experience eating at a participating restaurant, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it on Google! You’re a business owner. You know how valuable a 5-star review on Google can be!

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